Counselling | All Ages
Skerrett Psychology
Thursday, August 11, 2022

Counselling | All Ages

We provide counseling services from the age of 4 through to adulthood through the development of a unique and comprehensive treatment plan, utilizing various psychological therapeutic interventions.

Counselling for All Ages

Are you currently suffering from anxiety, depression, or other mental health difficulties?
You don’t need to suffer alone.

We provide counselling services to children from the age of 4 through to adulthood. Sessions are typically 45 minutes long (unless otherwise specified) and begin with an initial consultation. The background information provided in your first session will assist in the development of a unique and comprehensive treatment plan, utilising various psychological therapeutic interventions. No previous counselling experience or knowledge is necessary to benefit from our services. We look forward to working with you on your personal journey to improving your quality of life.

Children &

We help with problems that interfere with daily lives and/or development.

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Adult counselling helps to develop skills and strategies to independently manage problems.

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For Kids

This information is designed specifically for kids to help understand counselling.

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